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When a customer calls a dealership, they are shopping for a dealership to visit. This call will not be the only dealership contacted, so it is the sales representative's mission to become the caller's dealership of choice.

How? When fielding a phone call from a customer interested in buying a vehicle, the goal is to book an appointment. Customers who set appointments to come into the dealership have a closing ratio of 25%, or 1 in 4. Walk-ins, on average have a closing ratio of 10%, or 1 in 10. This is why it is so important to focus on the customers who call in and make sure we are asking for an appointment.

The automotive industry has a phone call to appointment conversion rate that varies from 4% to over 40%. The difference is the sales reps ability to earn the right to ask for the appointment and then simply ask for it.

Our Gold Monitoring program makes the dealership sales department accountable for every incoming sales call. Sales representatives are given an easy to follow process and training outline for turning a phone call into an appointment, and then independent resources are used to score the incoming calls on the dealership's behalf.

Our Gold Monitoring Agent will ensure that escalations are provided to key management personnel when:

  • A call is not handled well, and an employee coaching assist would be beneficial
  • When a clear opportunity to buy is given, and a potential lead has been left without a tangible follow-up or action plan in place
  • When a clear opportunity to buy is given, but no appointment is booked
  • When sales representatives are following the process, and successfully book their appointment.
  • Each escalation will include a link to the actual sales call so that it can be used as a review and/or training tool.

    Excellent Training Tools

    In addition to the email escalations that are sent out, each week, key managers within the dealership will also receive a summary report showing how many appointments were booked, and comparisons of both the Dealership's performance overall, and of each individual Sales Representatives performance for the reporting period.